Mike Zimmer: Vikings are “top-heavy with finances,” depth is a concern

At a time of year when some NFL head coaches are outwardly optimistic about the upcoming season, Vikings coach Mike Zimmer admitted some concern today. Zimmer acknowledged that the Vikings have a lot of salary cap space tied up at the top of the roster, and said that makes it hard for the team to have a lot of depth. “It’s concerning,” Zimmer said, via Courtney Cronin of ESPN. “I feel really good about the top guys, and then some of these young guys got to come on. But when you’re kind of top-heavy with finances, that’s what you’ve got to do. Hopefully we’ll stay healthy, and try to get these younger guys better.” Although Zimmer didn’t single out Kirk Cousins by name, the reality is Cousins is the reason the Vikings are “top-heavy with finances.” Cousins’ cap hit this season is $31 million, the second-highest of any player in the NFL behind only Russell Wilson. Other than Cousins, the Vikings aren’t particularly top-heavy. But Cousins’ contract is the one the Vikings have saddled themselves with, and they’re either going to win or lose with Cousins this year. Zimmer may be laying the groundwork for a ready-made excuse if they lose more than they win.

Mike Zimmer: Vikings are “top-heavy with finances,” depth is a concern

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