What Is, MAd SEO.

What Is, MAd SEO.
Technology, and Technology Companies, Have, A, Long Development History. In An, Environment, And World, One, Can Only, Call, MAd.
The Evolutional History, Of, ‘Construct, And, Construct Development. Is A Structural Development, That, Archetypes, In, The, Modern, As, An, Index, Based, Fructure, In, Which. People Build.
An, Index Based, Structure, In, Which, People, Build. Movements, Meanings, Organisations, Companies, Technology, Semantics, Governments, And, Intelligence.
The, Word Mad, Has, Long Been, Used, In, Intelligence, And, Much, Of, The, Modern, Computer, System(s), Is, Built, On, These, Frameworks, Seen, In, Commercialisms, like, IBMs, MAd, Programming Language, (Michigan Algorithm Decoder), (1950’s).
Politically, The Word, Is, Highly Contentious, With, Mad, Studies, Combatting, Institutional, Psychiatry. A, Presumption, Not, A, Decadence. With, Little, Right, In, The, Meritocratic, Of, The, Modern. In, Which, The, Concept, Of, Power, As, Lived, Royally, Has, Been, Dicripted, Politically, By, People. In, The, Process, Of, MAd, As, A, Point, In, MAd.
Centuries, Ago,
Technology, And, Tech, Companies, Now, Circle, The, Construct, Experience, In, Satellites, And, Space, Gridding.
And, All, This, Translates, Back, In,to, An, Economic, Construct, And, Experience. In, Which, People, Dicript, And, Compete, For, Self, And, Stories, Stories, And, Self. In, A, Way, In, Indexes, That, Positively, Replicates, The, Construct, Process.
As, This, Process, Is, Built, Into, The, World, Wide, Web, Companies, Like, Google, Structure, And, Sort, This, Information, In, A, Value-Based, System, That, Reflects, And, Represents, What, Is, Happening, In, The, World.
MAd, SEO, Is, About, Using, THis, Process, Structure, And, Experience. To, Build, Create, Dicript, In, The, Futures, Of, This, Construct.
MAd, Production.Company,
a MAd, Book, About, SEO,
,.,.,,.,,.,.Volume1, Volume2,


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