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When To Take A Step Back From Blogging?

I think most bloggers feel guilty when we don’t pay attention to our blogs as much as we used to. I’m not going to lie, I personally feel that way when I spend less time working on my blog. But there are some times where you don’t have any choice than to take a step […] When To Take A

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Hello February: Of Prosecco & Puzzles & Perceptiveness

PUZZLE PIECES CASUALLY STREWN ON DINING ROOM TABLE After a bitterly cold, yet rejuvenating, weekend of staying inside at home PLUS a well-deserved indulgence of Chocolate Chip cookies with Prosecco [see previous post for context about indulgence], I’m feeling better now. My silly self has returned, my smart self has kicked in, my stylish self […] Hello February: Of Prosecco

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Covid & Athletic Performance

Last december, i went 10 days to Dublin, Ireland for some vacations. Unfortunately, as soon as i stepped back to my home country, i immediately got tested positive (without symptoms) for the Covid-19. Obviously, i avoided crowded sports-areas such as gyms or swimming pools where i could spread the disease to other people. Instead, i […] Covid & Athletic Performance

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