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Marketing, Art, And Design.

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SEarch Engine Optimization, is ‘Keyword Based.
Every Website Page, Built, Originates, And, Revolves, Around, A Keyword, Or, Group, Of Keywords.
Search Engines, Like, Google, Offer, A, Keyword-Based, Search Function,
In, Which, The, Keywords, Used, Correlate, To, The, Pages, That, Target, Them,
So What, Builds Websites?
Answer, Companies, Organisations, And, People.
The Intent, In, A Website, Is, To, Connect, With, Relevant People.
Customers, Fans, Enthusiasts, Political.
And, The, Production, Of, A, Website,
,.Makes, An, Impact, In, The, Construct, Of, The World.
This, Impact, Is, What, Search Engines, Like, Google, Analyze, (With their Basic Algorithms), And Replicate, In Their, Search Engine Indexes. The Production Of The World In The World Wide Web, Correlated To, And Connected To, The People, Organisations, And, Companies, That Develop, Topic Focussed, Keyword-Driven, Websites.
What DOes, This, Website, Mean?, And What, Does, It Correlate, Have Value, Connect To,
This, Is, The, Central, Question, Of, Search Engine, Algorithms.
The Imprint, A Website, Makes, Is, Like, A Keyword Tree.
An Imprint, In, Keywords,
,An Imprint, In, Construct Geographics,
An, Imprint, In, Meaning,
,.An Imprint, In, Social,
An, Imprint, In, Links,.
An, Imprint, In, An, Audience,
And, An, Imprint, In, Media.
A, Website, Has, This, Cumulative Effect,
ANd, As, Websites, Compete, In, Relevancies, For, Construct.Options.
The Keywords, Used, In, The World Wide Web, Represent, All, The, Development, And, All, The, Interest, In, All, The, Things, Of, Earth.
Niches, Still, Have, Value, But, Construction, Is, The, NEW Word, Of, The, Day.
Without, Marketing, Art, And Design, MAD. None, Of, This, Exists,
,,,,.An Imprint, An, Impact, Semantics, Meaning, Intent.
The, Codes, And, Colors, Of, A, Site. Support, The, Message, And, The, Meaning. The, Language, Framework, And, The, Keywords,
Mad SEO,
Mad Prodution,
SEarch Engine Optimization,
Marketing, Art, And, Design,