Block44, The Jackanori OutreachSEO, Programme,,.

Block44, The Jackanori Outreach
SEO, Programme,
At, we run a Media news site,
And an SEO company.
You can take advantage of our skills,
With our SEO Media outreach programme,
Called, Block44,
Over the space of 4 to 12 weeks, we will contact, every player in your industry,
And every relevant person, in the mainstream media,
To promote your brand and business, and invite further contact, like visits to your premises, and interviews with your team,
We send over 1,000 handcrafted emails, in this time period,
And make a dent in your media campaign, that it is not possible
To do in any other way,
Let us connect your Value, with their media power, and help ignite the future.
The cost of the programme, is £2,000,
Please use our contact for to enquire about Block44, today,,
Changing SEO,