For All Media Enquiries – Kelvin Firminger,

For All Media Enquiries – Kelvin Firminger,


There has been growing interest, in what I’ve been doing with the Web, and in me as a “Search Market”,
This is what I’ve been up to,

  1. I’ve built, as a Phone Based, News Media Site.
    It’s predominantly been following the Russia-Ukraine War, and as a build (ie development project), it follows the concepts of “Product Led SEO”,
  2. I’ve released 40 Books – 1 to 100 pages (under 8 pen names), based on Philosophy, Computer Science, Literisms, and SEO. Titles include A MAd Book About SEO, and Aesthetics (Thistleton),
  3. I’ve built a 2,000 page “Scrawl Blog”, based on Philosophy, and other psychotic (psychological) misdemeanours, (Kelvin Firminger Books),
    Plus some other Dev projects, Blockchain programs, and some serious investing in Crypto, and other Stocks,
    Been busy, doesn’t seem like much,
    Happy Days,
    K.N. Firminger,

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