MAd SEO, Part, 3,.

The Algorithms can Only Analyze;

  1. What You Say,
  2. What The Web Says,
  3. What Your User Behaviour Says, and,
  4. What Your Competitors Say,
    Translate the production of the Web from\into the Rooms, and Computers,
    In Geography,
    That it is Published from,
    And the whole System is Analyzed, from Network Geographical Work Structures, through To Non-Link Brand References,
    Do you do better in SEO, if you Employ 50 rather than 5 people, Yes,
    Do you do better in SEO, if you Have, 5,000 Links, as Compared, To 50, Yes,
    Do you Do Better In SEO, if Your Content Resonates, Yes,
    Do You Do Better, In SEO, If, You, Advertise, Yes,
    Do, You, Do, Better, In, SEO, If, You, Have, A, Company, Headquarters, Yes,
    These, Are, Rules,
    And, The, Amalgamation, Of, All, The, Rules, Into Each Individual Scenario, Produces, The, Landscape,
    Two, News Sites, Compete,
    One Has, 15 Staff, A, Headquarters, And Media Coverage Of Network Funding,
    The, Other, Is, A, One-Page, Highly Branded, One-Person Feed, That Went Viral And Got 5 Million Referential Links,
    They, Rank, The, Same,
    Both, Use, MAd,

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