Marxist Genocide of Buddhist Mongolia – Stark Warning for India

35,000 Mongolians were outright Butchered in a Physical Genocide. The elimination of these Traditional Mongolian Cultural Icons and Activists thus enabled the Communists to carry out a Brutal Campaign of Cultural Genocide. Millions of religious canons, books, records were burned and monasteries destroyed.The report of the Religious Affairs Department from August 1939: “Out of 767 registered monasteries 724 have been demolished.” This included more than 2,000 temples, 312 Datsans or religious  schools along with classes and libraries. The final report notes that half of 5,500 buildings used for religious purposes were destroyed by 1939. A rough estimation of the conficated property of monasteries can be concluded from the request for “1,006 trucks (three tons each) needed  to transport” to the capital city. And this included only the most  valuable items like golden and silver statues, precious stones.

Marxist Genocide of Buddhist Mongolia – Stark Warning for India

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