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10 Blogging Mistakes You Need To Avoid Doing On WordPress

Okay let’s take the mickey out of serious writing and explore some things I’ve personally declared as ‘blogging mistakes you need to avoid’, thanks to the 18 or so months I’ve spent on the WordPress Reader. Read enough blog posts and you start to see a pattern. Sometimes said patterns are pleasant, like the blogger […] 10 Blogging Mistakes You

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Comprehensive SEO Plan for eCommerce Website

These days, SEO has become a yardstick for measuring marketing endeavors in the digital world. It is considered the most effective strategy for improving the visibility of a brand and ensuring that it is not left out of search engine results for both local and global reach. There is a prerequisite for SEO in the […] Comprehensive SEO Plan for

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10 Resources To Learn About SEO

Search Engine Optimization are the efforts taken by bloggers to get the highest ranking from Google by providing quality content in their web page and improving their visibility of the website. Basically, it is the digital marketing strategy tool used to increase organic traffic. Parameters of SEO: Optimize the search for quantity and quality content. […] 10 Resources To Learn

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