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Bitcoin In For Bumpy Ride As China Crackdown Shakes Things Up

Bitcoin. The magical internet money is often derided as “worthless” and “made up” by those who forget that all currencies only have value because we believe in them. Perhaps the world’s strongest currency not backed up by guns and ammo, Bitcoin nonetheless remains a controversial invention, as do the many cryptocurrencies that followed in its wake. Recently, the Chinese government

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The tension between China and Taiwan is still rising.Xi warns the world: “Taiwan will be reunited with China, no one will interfere”

Yesterday evening Beijing rejected the offer of talks made by the president of the Asian island Tsai Ing-wen. The president then said today that Taiwan will strengthen its defenses so that no one can force it to accept the path traced by China without freedom and democracy. The Taiwan independence movement is “the biggest obstacle […] The tension between China

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TMP40: China Virus

As if it were not annoying enough that it ranks as close as possible to the single most incessantly and annoyingly frequently referred to thing over the course of the past two~ish years, last Wednesday morning I woke up with an attack of the China virus. On Tuesday morning I went to Mass and Confession. […] TMP40: China Virus

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Apple removes a popular Quran app in China after request from local regulators

Apple has removed Quran Majeed, a popular app for reading the Islamic religious text and other prayer-related information, in China, in compliance with Chinese government requests, according to a report by BBC. The move comes as part of a bigger shift in the country to crack down on foreign content, or simply making it harder […] Apple removes a popular

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screening gallery

Sometimes the urge to use my camera is just more than I can stand… I can’t be the only one in the world addicted to the sound that shutter click. You can see it was a bright, sunny morning. Alas, I had an errand to run, and church was at 10 a.m. soooo.. camera got […] screening gallery

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Travel memories #1 China

We have actually booked a short break holiday for ourselves next week starting Monday, our first real “getaway” since Autumn 2019! We are visiting Winchester (U.K.) and the surrounding area, Alfred the Great’s capital in Saxon times previously called Witanceaster. (Now, for all of my younger followers who no longer learn the history of this […] Travel memories #1 China

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