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Quicky from Vacay

I haven’t written in a while. I am actually away on a sort of vacation with one of my best friends and it’s kind of amazing to actually be out of the city grind routine and yet it feels so normal too, like nothing happened. Like, wherever you go, there you are. What I love […] Quicky from Vacay

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AMGD Mary Jones I met her unexpectedly in a restaurant in St. George.I was masked, but she knew me right away. She hadn’tchanged. How could she have? She is as she is. Straightforward, upright, honest, true to her words and her values.Ex-military. A United Nations Peace-Keeper. A Blue Beret.World traveller to some of the roughest, […] AMGD

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As life grows from dawn to dusk With a series of actions and avoidable reactions, The impact of the situation is rather complex Woven in the cycles of hope and dissatisfaction. One step at a time is often guided Messages with emoji and viral hashtag, The volume of views is closely compiled Growing screen time […] Indifference

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