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Novel Review: The Dime, by Mark Paxson

Photo by Lara on Mark Paxson is an independent self-published author, and, I might add, a champion of independent authors. Trent Lewin, on the other hand, is completely unpublished in terms of novels. Too held up with the concept of traditional publishing to let it go, even though traditional avenues are not terribly receptive […] Novel Review: The Dime,

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Ark Book VI: Above

“Stargate Meets Salvation” Introducing Book VI of the Ark Fantasy Saga, ending the middle trilogy. Life on Earth continues to teeter between doom and salvation. The old Sunnyside College gym, nicknamed the Ark, has a paranormal portal that gives a chosen few a glimpse of Doomsday, which is near and unavoidable, unless these few can […] Ark Book VI: Above

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Flash Fiction: Operation World Builder

It was not a dreamless sleep.  Far from it.  But it was blissful. My mind wandered through an endless corridor, pausing to open doors and replay moments in my life.  Only good times were retold.  Childhood memories full of joy and laughter.  Tender moments with my family.  Watching them grow.  Enveloped in love, I felt serene. This must be what heaven is […] Flash Fiction: Operation World

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